Sunday, April 8, 2012

Persepolis was quite a interesting graphic novel for me to read. It was sad because it seemed as if there was no place for her to live a happy life. She wasn't happy in her home country or Iran because it wasn't safe and she could not express her real self since it was a crime to have western merchandise or western looks. But when she actually moved out west and where there were people who had common interests she was looked at as evil because she was from Iran. Perception is a huge issue in americas space today, we all look at people and judge them rather then judge them by their actions. I am admitting that I do every once in a while, and it is not good. I remember a man working at 7-11 got shot after the events of 9/11 because a man hated "his people" for what they did to the twin towers, but this man was in the Taliban or from Afghanistan!  He was born in the US and his parents immigrated here from India. It's sad to say that there are not places in this world for everyone. But starting with this class maybe we can all try to be more excepting of people and other people's cultures weather we approve of it or not. 

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