Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Space

For my project space me and my group members explored different super markets. As one may think off hand of a super market they just think of a Vons, Ralphs, or Albertsons. But there are many more super markets then these and many more types of super markets. My type of super market I explored was a "premier" or upper class supermarket called Bristol Farms. This market wasn't located in a normal shopping center, it was in the promenade where most go to socialize in the suburb of Westlake Village. I noticed all the stuff in there was nicely decorated and seemed like they were trying to give you a feel of being in a country market and being original and old school. The size of the market looks much bigger from the outside but upon entering you notice that it is quite compact to a normal market. There were only a few people at the register and around the store. It had been quite a long time since I had been in here and I remember it being more busy, is this due to the state of our economy that some of the upper class have cut back and gone to the more affordable Ralph down the street? They had everything that you would find at Ralph's but it seemed like they had much less of it. But what they had that Ralphs doesn't have is there own Cafe/Deli, and Bakery dining area inside. It seems like they are trying to make shopping be a pleasent experience rather then just try to make it be an chore. The atmosphere of Bristol Farms seems to be quite different then that of a normal super market.


  1. Hey Matt, after reading your blog I felt that you were right about the classification of supermarkets. I live by Pasadena and i remember seeing a supermarket called Gelson's and I was fascinated by the uniqueness that the supermarket had compared to other places. I felt that when i enter in that space I was not part of it because of customer it was suppose to bring in. Just like Bristol Farms, Gelson's was empty also. The environment that surrounded the area was very high class. They had the Arc light theater and a bunch of store I never even heard of. These stores held clothing and accessories that could not be afforded in a normal person salary. Anyways I like the observation that you did on Bristol Farm, it was very educational and made me flash back on Gelson's supermarket.

  2. We have a Gelsons in Westlake as well and both sure do appel to different types of shoppers then the average Vons or Ralphs market shoppers. Personally, when I am at Gelsons I feel like I am in an average supermarket but I feel like they have a more exclucive product line then the average. Gelsons also has a killer Deli for take out stuff. But Bristol Farms has a nicer scenery then Gelsons but has similar products. Basically I feel as if Gelsons is a neutral ground for the exclusive and average shoppers.