Monday, April 23, 2012

Essay Proposal

For my essay topic I would like to discuss the role of ones identity in a specific space. And where some peoples identities cannot fit into any space where they need to be happy. This is where I would like to primarily focus on my readings, and pictures, from Persepolis. Margie wasn’t happy in Iran because she couldn’t live a western life and she was not happy living in the west because it was difficult for people to accept her because they all thought she was different and Iranians are “evil” people. As Persepolis being my primary example for identifying ones identity when in a specific space I would like to also conduct some research about other cases that may be similar to the case of Margie’s case was in Persepolis and also use some personal examples from my life. Maybe look into the gay community, of those who are not living in California where it is more socially acceptable to be gay then other places, but places in rural parts of America where it is rare and not socially acceptable at al to be gay. People who are put into these difficult situations sometimes try their best to hide there identity or adapt to the space at which they are put into. But I feel that if someone tried to adapt or hide their true selves they would go crazy. The quality of ones life may become very poor if they cannot act the way they feel to act or be. As in the case of Margie when she was living in Iran. People need to be in a good environment which they can express their personalities freely. In todays time because of more accepting cultures and easier methods of transportation there are fewer people who suffer from finding a space that fits their identity. But there are still people in the world today that suffer from this. 

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