Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Howz This Sound

For my essay I would like to mainly discuss the movie we watched, Gamer. There is a uneven social class level in the time Gamer takes place. The people who are playing the actors in "Society" are predominantly the wealthy upper class while the prostitute like actors in "Society" are looked down upon and are simply doing this job just to get a buck to just afford life. Although personally, I would not want to be either person. The movie portrayed the player of the actor as a fat, sweaty, ugly man with sausage fingers. I think I may rather be a prostitute then be him. But when you think about it neither are living there own lives. No one is living there own life, everyone is in control of someone else's life or being controlled by a sausage fingered man with a controller. This is where the theme of identity come into play.


  1. That sounds like a good topic. Try to define Gamer's class structure, and explain why it is similar or different than our own. There are also some great reviews online about the film. The positive reviews give readers an insight as to why the film is a great social commentary.

  2. Just remeber to be clear when you are talking about the controller and the actor, maybe you can incoprate our own social class system.

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