Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project Space: SRC Observations

My group and I decided the new and freshly constructed SRC at CSUN would be a good place where we can explore a space. When walking in you notice how BIG and techie the place is. There is a hand scanner to get in and a modern construction on all three stories. The main purpose of the SRC is to work out and get physical exercise. At the time we went the space was moderately populated. People were exercising but it was quite quiet since it was only 10AM and most college students are probably sleeping. There was music playing and you could hear the sounds of scuffling feet from those playing basketball on the second story. The SRC serves its space very well and is a great investment for the CSUN community, unlike a few other places and features on campus. CSUN one of several places in Los Angeles where everyone is there for a common goal; to further there education and knowledge. Although CSUN takes up roughly one square block it is quite small compared to 4,850 square miles of the LA metropolitan. Our space has little to no history on account that it was just constructed and opened only about one month ago. The SRC is a nice place where one can get a good workout doing a variate of things. Weather its the gym, the basketball or volleyball court, the awesome rock wall, spin class, indoor track, or many other exercises available there the SRC is a good and healthy place to be.

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  1. Good job explaining the SRC, I agree with you saying that it is a very modern place. On every work out machine such as the treadmill or bike that has a monitor on it, not only can you watch TV on it or connect your iPods, but you can also sign up for a work out tracker, that you can track you workout from machine to machine as long as you sign in. I like the way that there are so many things at the SRC to help you stay fit and have a little fun. I've used a lot of the work out gear, and have used the basketball and volleyball courts, but there's still so much I want to do. I want to go play arena soccer, play ping pong, and of course I have yet to try the rock wall. The SRC is definitely a great place to have on campus.